Better for your Business

Studies have shown that companies who listen to their employees can expect to see higher rates of productivity, decreased employee turnover, conflict reduction, and overall positive work culture.

Our Atlantic Listening Academy trains your team to become Listening Leaders, which drives revenue growth. Academic studies show that those who better listen to customers, have increased client intimacy, less churn, greater opportunities to cross sell and up sell, and a better understanding of what’s important to your clients and the partners. 

At Hapi, we implement listening strategies and tools to obtain anonymous aggregated insights about your employees so that your company can make data-driven decisions that lead to better outcomes for your business.

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We provide preventative care for your workforce

Find out about a problem with us before seeing it on Glassdoor.


We are committed to privacy and anonymity of individuals

We protect your employees by creating a safe space for your team voice their honest opinions and concerns without them worrying about the being reprimanded. We don't disclose names or faces, just valuable insights.


Receive a 360° view of your team without compromising internal integrity

Get a high level overview of the operations of your business in relation to the employees.


Make data-driven decisions.

We provide aggregated and anonymized data about your company based on audio recordings, call volume and frequency, themes, and anonymize quotes so that your business can take immediate action

Who We Serve

Corporate Teams  |  Medicare Advantage Plans  |  Emergency Response Organizations| Medical Schools and Health Systems  |  Unions  |  Graduate Programs |University and College Campuses  |  Active Adult Communities  |  Senior Care Facilities