Hapi vs. Therapy: What are the differences?

Hapi vs. Therapy: What are the differences?

Hapi is a part of your self care journey.

Hapi is not a replacement for therapy. It’s a part of your self care journey. Many of our customers use Hapi in between their therapy sessions. For those of you who are interested in either Hapi or therapy, here are some differences:

Who are the providersLicensed therapists, psychologists, licensed counselors.Hapi Listeners come from empathetic professions such as nurses, teachers and social workers. Some have graduate degrees in psychology and other relevant fields. Some are certified life coaches. They are non-judgmental, highly trained and skilled as empathetic listeners.

Only 14% of applicants are accepted as listeners and they need to maintain high ratings and reliability scores in order to stay on the platform and provide the best services.
What is it for?Clinical diagnosis, structured exchanges of questions and answers, provides specific tools and suggestions.Talking or texting on Hapi can serve many purposes. Such as, venting about anything, telling your story about a break up or perhaps your childhood, gaining a fresh perspective about your relationship, friendship, or family member, sharing an idea, or simply finding inspiration with someone who truly listens and cares.
Topics discussedChildhood trauma, depression, anxiety disorders, PTSD, ADHD, ADD, abuse, suicidal thoughts, self harm, anger management, addiction, etc.Break-ups, toxic relationships, work issues, family issues, infidelity, insecurity, self-care, grief, having a bad day, simply venting, life in general.

Needing inspiration or a sounding board, preparing for an interview, rehearsing a presentation, making life decisions – needing a non-judgmental and neutral perspective.
Common questions that you would askDo I need medication?
Will I ever feel happy?
Will I ever recover?
Am I capable of change?
Is this hereditary?
Do I have a disorder?
Am I being toxic?
Should I double text him?
Should you reach out to them first?
Does she really like me?
Has he lost feelings for me?
Why is he suddenly being distant?
Am I being too needy?
Am I in a toxic relationship?
Why does everyone else seem to have a great life except for me?
Should I stay at my current job or take the new one?
Is she/ he cheating on me?
Is it time for me to move on?
CostUsually $200+ per session.Audio calls: $12 for 30 minutes, $18 for 60 minutes.

Texting: $6 for 10 messages, $9 for 20 messages.
Covered by insurance?A portion of it can be covered by insurance.Many of our customers get it reimbursed through their work’s wellness programs.
FrequencyUsually once a week or month.As often as you would like.
How long is each session45-60 minutes.Unlimited. An average conversation lasts about 30 minutes.
FlexibilityScheduled appointments only.On-demand real time or scheduled appointments.
LimitationsUsually try one therapist at a time or get matched on a therapy platform (remote).You can select from a variety of listeners and talk to your favorites any time when they are online and book a time when they are offline.
Anonymity and PrivacyYou are usually face to face with a therapist, but they abide confidentiality.Conversations on Hapi are anonymous and private at all times.

Ready to give Hapi a try? Sign up below to talk to a Hapi Listener today and get the support you deserve. 24/7. Call or text.

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