Everyone Needs A Listener: How Hapi Helped Me Through A Difficult Time.

Everyone Needs A Listener: How Hapi Helped Me Through A Difficult Time.

Life can be frustrating, but you’re not in this alone.

Since August 2019, I started to notice that my boyfriend was not acting like himself. He was becoming more distant and even secretive about his whereabouts. It wasn’t until November when I caught my boyfriend cheating on me when I visited his workplace. Furious and hurt, I wanted to scream, get out of my car, and let him have it. But instead, I stayed inside, crying all by myself.

I Felt Hopeless & Defeated

I wanted to confront him in front of his new girl, but at the same time, I knew I would break down if I did. Behind the wheel of my car, I was shaking, and the tears wouldn’t stop. I didn’t know what to do with myself. I wanted to call my mother and sister, but both were sleeping. Neither picked up the phone.

I Just Needed Someone To Talk To

While going through my phone, I came across an Instagram ad for Hapi, an app that anonymously connects you to a listener. Out of desperation, I downloaded the app and made the first call, not expecting to be connected to a real person.

Making The First Call Was Nerve-Wracking

I must admit that I was utterly nervous, making the first call. I’ve always been terrified of talking on the phone. Not only that, but the idea of talking to a stranger was not typical for me. But is it for anyone?

It took me a while to build the confidence to make the call over and over again. Eventually, I gave Hapi a second chance. I just knew that I needed to talk to someone, anyone really, to vent my frustrations and heartbreak. I had no one else, and I realized that I had nothing to lose. In the end, I must say that I was so proud of myself for making the call and following through.

My Hapi Listener Was Terrific & Super Helpful

She listened to me without judgment, gave me advice, and insight when I needed it. What I liked most about my first experience was that my listener only spoke when she needed to. The entire conversation she listened to me intently and comforted me during a difficult time.

After The Call, I Felt Relieved & Empowered

Although still devastated and heartbroken, the painful emotions I was going through had subsided after just one call. I am very grateful for this app and my listener. Since then, I’ve been using Hapi whenever I feel like I need someone to talk to, and Hapi has proven to be a safe place for me to vent and express my feelings without the fear of being judged.

Another great thing about this app is that it’s entirely anonymous. As mentioned before, I have this fear of speaking on the phone, and I’m very self-conscious about the sound of my voice. However, when I made my calls, every listener has been respectful, polite, and compassionate.

I have no complaints at all, and never once did I feel insecure during the call. I highly recommend using this app when you need someone to talk to. Not only are the listeners helpful, but they make you feel like you matter.

No Matter What, Everyone Needs A Listener

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged us in more ways than we could have ever imagined. It has put millions of us in stressful circumstances such as the fear of being infected, job loss, social-distancing, self-isolation, a deteriorating economy, etc. Thus, leaving most of us in a state of uncertainty. We are all going through difficult times, and in times of crisis, such as this pandemic, we all could use a listener to help us get through it.

You are not alone.

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